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Welcome to CETRAINING, a personal trainer based in East and North London

I specialise in fitness, pre and post natal exercise, muscle building, injury prevention and nutrition. I also speak Spanish, Portuguese and French if needed.

In an ever increasing fast paced, processed and polluted world it is more important than ever to take an interest in your lifestyle choices and look after your body and health.

Did you know that not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain? Did you know that added sugar is so much worse than naturally occurring fat found in our food? Did you know that naturally saturated fat on its own is good for you? Sometimes it is hard to separate the fact from fiction with all the marketing that surrounds us. I can help you debunk some of the marketing myths. We can discuss what is concerning you and work together to look after your health.

You will feel more positive as you start to see a change in your body and your happy endorphins kick in…I will ensure that we train in a way that will allow you to begin enjoying exercise. The sessions will ensure that you gain the knowledge, motivation and confidence to enjoy exercising independently.


Book a trial session in a gym convenient to you

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer in East London? Feel free to book in for a trial session in a private personal training studio in either Moorgate or Islington, the Moorgate studio is a short walk from Liverpool Street station.

Caroline’s previous experience has been at National Level in athletics. Having worked in the City for over ten years as a Broker before joining the fitness world, she understands the challenges that City workers face when it comes to fitting in exercise and fixing back pain issues.

She is passionate about taking a holistic approach to training by looking at nutrition and lifestyle habits as well as achieving fitness goals. Mobility comes first, followed by fitness and strength training. The client’s sessions are always tailored towards their own personal goals in a safe way.

  • Personal Training/Nutrition Advisor (REP’s Certified)
  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise
  • Posture Correctness
  • Advanced Nutrition for Weight Loss
  • Circuit and Kettlebell training
  • First-Aid
  • Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French
  • Yoga Instructor


We can focus on specific body parts to ensure you feel confident, as well as helping you to feel more energetic and generally happier. You may even start to enjoy exercising!

Pre/Post Natal

Have you recently given birth and would like to get back into an exercise routine? Maybe you want to get back to the shape you were pre-pregnancy but are unsure of what to do and feel uncomfortable and tired a lot of the time. I can give you gentle guidance and a program that will suit your needs. I am also flexible with training times.


Do you want more muscle definition? To feel stronger and more confident? We can work on a hypertrophy program that will focus primarily on technique whilst also building on your strength and endurance.


I have always suffered with aches and pains largely brought on by mild scoliosis and rounded spine. I have found that structured strength training once or twice a week under Caroline’s instruction has helped keep pain away and has had the added benefit making me feel happier and healthier.