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Personal Training is all about encouraging lifestyle changes that will make you feel more confident, positive and in control


Health and Fitness has always been my passion. I was lucky to have been given the opportunity to grow up playing sport and enjoying athletics in a healthy environment. At school I seemed to have a natural ability for long distance running, much to the unpopular reaction of my classmates!  My event became the 3,000m by the age of 18 and I competed at national level.

I’ve always believed that exercise makes you feel more positive mentally, not to mention the benefits for your body.  After all we were designed to move!

I continually do courses to add to my health and fitness knowledge, I work along side the Osteopath Hashim at Altlas Clinics to ensure the very best results for my clients:


It is important to do a variety of exercise and not focus on just one type of training. Believe me, I know from experience! I choose to take a balanced and holistic approach when training clients. I am keen to understand your lifestyle and food habits. Before any training begins my goal is to eliminate any postural imbalances in order to avoid injury and to ensure that you get the full benefits from all of the training workouts.


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